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The Nerdynomicon

Welcome to The Nerdynomicon podcast! This is your weekly stop for all things comic book, horror and geek related. Every week we bring reviews from everything from movies to games, geek news plus a main topic for discussion. This aint your granddaddy's pop culture show guys. Subscribe and join the conversation!

Sep 17, 2016

May marked the death of a small podcast called Lords of the Polygon Table. The two hosts, Robbie and Adrian, were forced to go their separate ways. Robbie went on to found a podcasting company, while Adrian fell victim to the grind of life. Then, on one dark and stormy Wednesday night a lovely, blonde lady started ranting about pop culture to Robbie, who immediately called Adrian. "It's time." he said. "We must resurrect it."

"What do you mean?" Adrian asked. "It's been months! Our fans have probably scattered to the wind! Nobody wants to hear a couple of pop culture junkies rant about random stuff anymore. Sometimes dead is better."

"No. Not this time. No, I think it's time to come back and bring a fresh set of eyes to the show. Brooke, the blonde girl, has brought forth the Nerdynomicon. With it, we can rise again. Funnier. Nerdier. More guests. More random rants. More fun."

"But what could we talk about during a repilot? People will expect us to be at the top of our game, but I'm so rusty."

Robbie and Brooke exchanged a glance. "We talk about Stranger Things to start out with. We talk about childhood adventures. Then Brooke will wrap us up with a femotional rant."

After much deliberation, Adrian finally agreed. "Every Week." He sighed to himself. "Every week. At least 1 show a week. We'll have to find our flow again but... god help us all."

Adrian hung up the phone and sulked back into his dark room, but a smile began to stretch across his face as he looked down. His microphone was sitting on the table.