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The Nerdynomicon

Welcome to The Nerdynomicon podcast! This is your weekly stop for all things comic book, horror and geek related. Every week we bring reviews from everything from movies to games, geek news plus a main topic for discussion. This aint your granddaddy's pop culture show guys. Subscribe and join the conversation!

Nov 18, 2016

Brooke sat at the edge of her seat, nervously twirling her hair. American Horror Story: Roanoke played on the television. She wanted to glance at Robbie to see his reaction, but couldn't tear her eyes away from the screen. The horror and suspense kept her enthralled until, finally, the season had ended.

Without skipping a beat she grabbed her phone to see if there was anything she had missed while sequestering herself for the hour that it took to close out the latest, and best season of one of her favorite shows. It took less than a minute for her to become enchanted with what danced across her phone's screen next. The trailer for Gilmore Girls' Netflix reboot.

"I need to open it!" Brooke exclaimed.

"What? But it's too soon. The Nerdynomicon is already going to be opened tomorrow as I read with a special guest!" Robbie shot back defensively.

"I don't care. What we just experienced needs to be brought into the aether."

Robbie stared disbelieving for a moment. Open the Nerdynomicon twice in less than 24 hours? Was she mad? She must be. Before he could compose his thoughts, the book was on the table and the microphone was switched on. 



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