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The Nerdynomicon

Welcome to The Nerdynomicon podcast! This is your weekly stop for all things comic book, horror and geek related. Every week we bring reviews from everything from movies to games, geek news plus a main topic for discussion. This aint your granddaddy's pop culture show guys. Subscribe and join the conversation!

Jan 19, 2018

Robbie and Adrian sit down to discuss and debate about the latest installment in the Star Wars franchise. They discuss the hate, vitriol and negativity surrounding this movie and some of the key scenes that seemed to spark these feelings before realizing that this is going to take longer than the movie itself. Let...

Jan 12, 2018

Robbie and Adrian debate on whether Rings or 13 Demons was the worst movie that they have seen in the last year. We learn who has been cast for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix. The guys discuss the Slender Man trailer. Finally they discuss what movies have them excited for 2018 (and which ones don't).

Jan 5, 2018

Adrian answers a listeners question in a truly unique to Adrian way. The guys discuss Disney's acquisition of Fox and all the implications that come with it. Finally the guys review the new Netflix movie, Bright, starring Will Smith.


Dec 31, 2017

Robbie and Adrian list off their top 3 favorite movies and TV shows of 2017. 


Dec 25, 2017

Adrian and Robbie discuss their favorite (and least favorite Christmas Movies and Holiday specials in a very special Christmas episode of the Nerdynomicon! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!